The golden retriever lay next to the owner “unconscious” for 20 hours, saving his life

Golden retriever Kelsey is being called a hero for saving her owner’s life. Bob went into the woods to get firewood, slipped and fell, breaking his neck. He lay paralyzed and screamed for help in the cold snow and dark night.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Fox 47 News via YouTube video

Since his nearest neighbor was a quarter of a mile away, his screams were not heard by all but Kelsey. The brave dog used her keen sense of smell to track down her master, and she hugged his arms and legs to keep him warm. She barked and barked until the neighbor was finally alerted after 20 hours. At this point, Bob was unconscious and critical.

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Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Fox 47 News via YouTube video

Bob was rushed into emergency surgery and doctors said he was only alive thanks to Kelsey’s bravery. Kelsey kept her father company in the hospital as he began to recover, but it was going to be a long process and rehabilitation. But what can’t he conquer with his heroic dog by his side?

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