The guinea pig looks at the golden retriever as if he is being controlled by remote control

Meet Frankenstein, a guinea pig who is unusually attached to his furry companion, the golden retriever Pippin. This wonderful story shows the unique bond between these two unusual friends and what they do to stay together. Frankenstein, or Frank for short, is known for following Pippin everywhere she goes, to the point where it seems like he’s being controlled remotely.


Pippin, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to mind her little shadow and has taken on the role of protector for her tiny friend. They share a special bond, Frank usually has to touch Pippin to feel at ease. Pippin has become his comfort pillow and their relationship is simply magical.

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To ensure Frank’s safety in nature, his owner came up with a brilliant idea while celebrating her three-year-old child’s birthday. She decided to tether Frank with a balloon so that it would be easier to keep track of him and potentially divert any unwanted attention from other animals. The idea stuck ever since, and now Frank wears his balloon every time he goes outside, except when Pippin and his owner are with him.


The bond between these two friends is so strong that if they are separated, the only way to get Frank out of hiding is to bring Pippin into the room. Pippin also doesn’t like closed doors between them, as they always prefer to have full access to each other. The happiness they bring to each other is obvious and truly heartwarming.

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The unique relationship between Frankenstein the guinea pig and Pippin the golden retriever shows that love knows no boundaries. If two different species can get along so well, why can’t all humans?

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