The man tried to free the dog, which had been chained all its life, but the dog rushed right at him

Many of us, including animals, are labeled. However, as we all know, this is never right. And in this case, it was the same with Alex, a German shepherd. Meet Alex, this is his story!

Because he got the label “killer dog,” Alex, a German shepherd, has been chained all his life. The owner of the dog no longer addressed him because of the danger of being bitten and torn in time.

Image/story source: YouTube video

When the boy learned that Alex was still in custody, he volunteered to release the dog. The dog went into combat mode as soon as the man entered the yard where Alex was chained. He lunged at the man and tried to sink his teeth into him every chance he got.

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Image/story source: YouTube video

Soon after, the man enticed Alex to climb inside the cage with a blanket. When the boy locked Alex in the car and drove away, the dog felt free for the first time. He was out of the crate just 25 minutes later, allowing his brave rescuer to pet him for the first time.

Image/story source: YouTube video

The next morning the dog lost all his “aggression” and all she wanted was hugs and hugs from the guy. dogs are social and loving creatures, so tying them on a chain or in a cage causes them serious psychological trauma. Chained dogs are more likely to bite and are also less able to defend themselves against the threat of a predator while chained. You will be amazed by the video below and Alex’s story. I have NEVER seen such a turn. Be sure to watch this touching story until the end.

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