The man was “curious” when the dog brought out a bag with food hidden inside

It all began on a seemingly ordinary evening when Ethan, exhausted from a long day at work, decided to cut a short path through the courtyards of houses to save time. As he walked, he noticed a stray dog ​​following him. The dog looked thin and tired, but determined to keep up with Ethan. Curious, Ethan slowed to match the dog‘s pace and noticed that the dog had a bag in its mouth.


Arriving home, Ethan could not ignore the dog‘s melancholic look at the window. He offered the hungry dog ​​some sausage and bread, but to his surprise, the dog put the food in the bag he was carrying and left. This strange routine continued for three days, with the dog following Ethan home and taking food from her bag.

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Intrigued by the mystery, Ethan decided to follow the dog one day. They walked side by side for about a kilometer until they reached the subway entrance. There on the stairs sat an elderly man who seemed to have faced many difficulties. The dog came up to the man and handed him a sack full of provisions that Ethan had provided. The man gratefully accepted the gift and shared it with the dog, revealing the true purpose of the dog‘s actions.


Ethan was moved by this touching display of compassion and devotion. The dog, affectionately named Buddy by the elderly man, was not just a stray, but a loyal companion to someone who had faced severe trials in his life. Ethan introduced himself to the homeless Mr. Simmons, who had fallen on hard times after losing his job and family.

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Moved by Buddy’s devotion and Mr. Simmons’ perseverance, Ethan decided to offer Mr. Simmons help and help him get his life back on track. Instead, Ethan asked Mr. Simmons and Ethan to be his lifelong friends, and of course they happily agreed.

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