The policeman “found an indomitable soul” chained to broken bottles and used needles

Officer Michael Pascal was on patrol when he noticed a small pit bull shaking and chained up in a public park. He was surrounded by used needles and broken beer bottles. The helpless animal looked at him with pleading eyes, and Pascal knew he needed help.


After bringing the dog to the animal Care Center (ACC), Pascal felt a strong bond form between them as he dried off the pit bull. He saw more than just an animal in need; he saw a soul that deserves love and care. Pascal took a photo of the dog and sent it to his wife, who immediately insisted they adopt him.

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However, there was a mandatory 72-hour hold on all rescues, meaning Pascal would have to wait three days before he could bring the dog home. He promised the dog, now named Joey, that he would come back for him and couldn’t stop thinking about the abandoned pit bull.


On the third day, Pascal visited Joey during his lunch break and was allowed to walk him for his daily exercise. At one point, Joey fell asleep with his chin resting on Pascal’s hand, tugging at the officer’s heart even more. That day, Pascal was finally able to bring Joey home, promising him safety and love.

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Contrary to negative stereotypes about pit bulls, Joey turned out to be a loving and energetic dog. He quickly became attached to his wife Pascale, showing gratitude for his rescue with his gentle disposition. Joey’s expressive eyes and playful demeanor were a testament to his newfound happiness as he transitioned from being chained in the cold rain to a life filled with love and freedom.


For Officer Pascal, Joey became more than just a pet – he is a true partner and best friend. This touching story is a reminder that even in the face of cruelty and neglect, love and compassion can change the lives of animals in need.

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