The poodle’s legs had to be amputated, but they doubted she would be able to handle it

When her parents first saw Cora, a puppy who had been in a car accident, her emotional state seemed to indicate that she had little will left to live. Both of her front legs were broken and she was in a lot of pain. It was clear that her people had to give her a fighting chance, even if it meant amputating both of her legs.

But could she handle it?


Cora found a new home with a cozy little kennel and a personal heater. It was during rehab that her mom and dad began to see the real Cora. She began to dig deep, refusing to take no for an answer. She decided to walk, move, eat and drink on her own. As Cora began to jump and bounce, it was obvious that she was improving rapidly. She seemed to realize inwardly that it could get better. After full rehabilitation, she shared her contagious energy with everyone she met.

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Cora’s father says he doesn’t know if Cora is intentionally trying to make people’s lives better, but it’s clear she lives to be around people and share her interest in life. One of the most touching aspects of Cora’s story is her relationship with her human sister. They grew up together as Cora was brought home when the baby was born. Both the girl and the dog crave attention, so they give each other the attention they crave. Cora even encouraged the young child to learn to walk.


At the age of two, the girl is just learning to speak. She is incredibly proud of her ability to pronounce Cora’s name. Her mom says it’s exactly what she wanted in a family pet and for her daughter. Based on what we saw of Cora in the beginning, it’s hard to believe that she’s the happiest dog on the planet right now. Her entire personality developed from the struggles she went through. She persevered through so much darkness and came out the other end with a deep understanding of what struggle is all about. For this reason, she meets every day with a wagging tail and a smile.

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