The puppy brings home and feeds the parrot, who craves the bird in its now empty cage

One ordinary day, an incredible story of friendship unfolded when a man took his daughter’s dog Milo for a walk. During the walk, Milo found an injured bird, which they later named Cracker.

Feeling compassion for the little creature, the man brought Cracker home, where Milo immediately gave up his new feathered friend.


Although shaken by the ordeal, Cracker found solace in Milo’s company. The dog stayed with the bird all day, offering him comfort and protection. When Cracker’s wing healed, the family tried to give him the freedom to fly, but the bird decided to stay with Milo.

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Over time, their relationship grew stronger. Cracker was sitting next to Milo, who was trying to lick him gently. Cracker eventually got out of his cage and they started exploring their house together. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship that transcended species.


Milo and Cracker were inseparable, and the bird often screamed when the dog was out of sight. Despite their size difference, they played and cuddled together, and Milo was gentle enough not to injure his smaller companion. They even shared a bed, although Cracker’s insistence on getting up close and personal annoyed Milo at times.

One fateful morning, however, Cracker flew away, leaving the family with bitter feelings. While they wanted him to be free, they also missed the joy he brought into their lives. Milo was especially heartbroken, often crying and staring at the now empty cage.

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Two weeks later, the family discovered a Facebook post about the bird, which was found two suburbs away. They were hoping it was Cracker, and it turned out to be! However, they were not sure if the bird would remember Milo. To their surprise and delight, the bird climbed out of the cage and immediately went to Milo, confirming that he had not forgotten their beautiful bond.

The reunion was nothing short of miraculous, and Milo couldn’t contain his happiness. His grin stretched from ear to ear and he couldn’t believe his friend was back. The family was overjoyed when the incredible bond between Milo and Cracker was restored. Now the duo is inseparable again, like two peas in a pod.

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