The puppy is so sassy that mom bought her talking buttons to express herself

Greta shares the touching story of her rescue puppy Meira, whom she loves to the core. Meira was part of a litter of nine puppies abandoned at the home, along with her mother and four other dogs. The owners of the house were suspected of running a puppy mill, and the dogs were found in a terrible condition. Meira’s mother still fed her children on demand, even though she was short of food.


Greta first saw a post on Pit Squad Rescue’s Facebook page that featured a photo of Meira and her eight siblings. When Greta went to meet the puppies, Meira immediately crawled into her lap and fell asleep, sealing the deal for Greta to adopt her.

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Since then, Meira has grown into a loving and playful dog with a cheeky personality and a penchant for communicating with her people. Meira threw tantrums when her mom didn’t understand what she wanted, so Greta bought her talk buttons to help her communicate. Meira has learned to use 12 different buttons to express herself, including the “mommy” button, which she presses several times when Greta is not around.


Greta and Meira have formed a strong bond, with Greta spending most of her time teaching and caring for her. Meira is often called the “Velcro dog” because she follows Greta everywhere and hates being apart from her. To keep Meira happy and cheerful, Greta takes her for a walk at least twice and involves her in various activities.

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One of Meira’s favorite pastimes is playing with her soft toys, which often require “surgery” to repair the damage the puppy accidentally causes with its playful energy. Greta even installed “ITV” for toys, where she performs the necessary repairs. Meira, being a caring dog, watches the whole process and cries, showing concern for the well-being of her toys.


Greta expresses her gratitude for having Meira in her life, saying that the rescue dog has made her difficult days easier and always knows how to put a smile on her face. Meira’s story is a reminder of the importance of giving shelter animals a second chance. They need us!

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