The puppy, which turned into a stone, made rescuers wonder what color it would turn out to be

When Niall’s friend found the puppy on the street, it became clear that the dog was in terrible condition. Not sure if he would survive at all, Niall took the puppy and began to care for him relentlessly.

Through sleepless nights and constant care, Niall watched the puppy, whom he named Rodney, slowly begin to recover.


Within the first few days, Niall noticed progress as Rodney started eating and regained some strength. This was a positive sign that the little puppy was starting to pull out. After about a week, Rodney’s condition improved dramatically and he was finally able to stand on his own. The once weak and fragile dog now showed signs of a bright future.

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Two weeks after his recovery, Niall introduced Rodney to the rest of the dogs at his shelter. Curious and inquisitive, Rodney seemed to gaze wide-eyed at the vast world around him. As the days passed, Rodney’s health continued to improve and his personality began to shine.


One of the most amazing aspects of Rodney’s recovery has been the transformation of his fur. As it grew, it changed color several times from golden brown to silvery gray and finally revealed several white spots. This unexpected development left everyone guessing as to what Rodney’s final appearance would be.


After caring for Rodney for three months, a couple from Wales expressed interest in adopting the hardy pup. They traveled all the way to Thailand to meet Rodney and make sure he would be a good fit for their family. Fortunately, the meeting went well and Rodney is now living with his new parents and dog brother.

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Cases like Rodney’s are what make rescuing and rehabilitating animals so rewarding, as they transform from desperate creatures clinging to life to beloved, loving family members. To see Rodney’s full grown fur color, watch the video below! He is a beauty!

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