The serviceman fell to his knees when his parents were not there to greet him

It is a huge sacrifice to serve your country. It is quite difficult to get home safely. We are grateful to all those who serve and understand that their efforts are never easy. Fortunately, such events can be shared so that the general public can truly understand how much our soldiers miss them.

Image/story source: YouTube video

Brent couldn’t wait to get home to his family. Of course, his family was just as eager to see him. What Brent didn’t know was that he would be greeted by his #1 fan when he got home.

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Image/story source: YouTube video

As Bret stepped off the plane and walked through the airport with another soldier, he was visibly tired and stunned to be on American soil. However, when he walked a little further, his whole attitude changed. He saw his parents nearby, and though his heart overflowed at the sight of them, he quickly knelt down to greet them.

Image/story source: YouTube video

She instantly recognizes the smell of his breath and the only thing on her mind is DAD! You are back home! Brent’s parents watched over his dog while he was gone, but no one can match your “real person.” Tail wagging, Brent’s newborn daughter runs up to him to tell him how much she misses him.

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Image/story source: YouTube video

We never get bored of meetings, we adore dogs and we will always tell such stories so that you feel all the sensations thanks to his hugs and the tenderness of a dog. Don’t miss a feel-good moment that proves that a dog‘s love for its owner is unique! Thanks for your service Brent!

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