The sick puppy used everything she had to sit up and tell her mom that everything was going to be okay

Life on the streets can be pretty brutal for people. animals also suffer from lack of food, shelter and clean water. Many organizations try to help them by feeding or sheltering them where they can. Meet animal Aid, a wonderful organization that helps animals and does great work. animal charities provide a variety of assistance to homeless animals around the world, for example, animal Aid does everything it can to keep and feed animals in addition to providing medical care.

animal Services received a call about a puppy that was suffering and had severe mange. Even with enough love and care, Mange is always difficult to cure. Her disease was so widespread that she lost her hair, leaving her overly susceptible to secondary infections, parasites, and sunburn. animal Aid sent volunteers to help the dog. Careful offers came eagerly, for she was of course starving, but she had no intention of being picked up.

Image source: Helping animals – YouTube video

The dog stayed on the street for a reason – she was a new mother. It took a lot of persuasion and a lot of dog treats, but the volunteer finally managed to get Mom. Now it’s time to hook her puppies.

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Image source: Helping animals – YouTube video

When the mother’s cubs were found, they were sick with scabies, and Coco was in bad shape. To save both dogs, our volunteer picked up the weakest puppy and took it to its mother. Coco will get the second chance at life she deserves.

mage Authorship of the source: Helping animals – YouTube video

Mom was placed on the examination table. Her poor body was covered with scabies. She required topical antibiotic ointments and daily medicated baths. They hoped that with their diligence and proper nutrition she would make a full recovery. Mom was scared, but the medical team did everything they could to calm her down.

Image source: Helping animals – YouTube video

Coco was also examined. She was underweight and lethargic, so she received lots of reassurance and love from the medical team who applied a topical treatment to her skin. A small puppy needs regular dermatological baths. Fortunately, in these cases, the landlords allowed both mother and child to remain at the rescue center during the recovery period.

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Image source: Helping animals – YouTube video

After a while the dogs were settled enough for them to eat for the first time. Mom and Coco weren’t used to being shut up or interacting with people in this state, but the volunteer knelt down and had only the best intentions of feeding them a delicious bowl of food. The feeling of warmth throughout the room – especially among the volunteers – peaked when the dogs started eating it.

Image source: Helping animals – YouTube video

Despite the fact that the dogs were safe, they were in a strange environment. Coco, so small and so fragile, snuggled up to her mother every chance she got. She could only sleep in her mother’s body. It was beautiful to see. Their connection was so obvious and so pure.

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Image source: Helping animals – YouTube video

After several weeks of painstaking treatment, Coco and her mother’s condition improved significantly. Coco even had enough energy to play, and it drove mom crazy. Then the most pleasant thing happened, and the volunteers were delighted. Coco carefully watched her mother and imitated everything she did. If mom scratched her ear, so did Coco. If mom sat down to scratch, so did Coco. Coco kept her eyes on her mother, and it was incredibly adorable.

Image source: Helping animals – YouTube video

A special thanks for the wonderful work animal Aid does for animals in need! Be sure to watch their video below.

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