The student tells the owner of the puppy to stop abusing her or she will take it away

Rose, a loving and affectionate pit bull, has come a long way since her days of neglect and confinement. Her journey to a loving home began when her original owner’s roommate, Rose’s mom’s close friend, Maddie, noticed the poor conditions in which she was living. Rose was kept in a crate for several days without food, water or attention. Intending to help, Maddy gave the dog‘s owner an ultimatum: either improve the living conditions or find Rose a new home.


When owner Rose failed to make any changes, Maddie decided to take matters into her own hands. She went into the house to rescue Rose, only to find the dog alone in her crate with no food or water, and her owner had run away from town. Despite her weakened condition, Rose managed to wag her tail and kiss the new mother.

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Initially, the plan was to find Rose a new home with someone who would take proper care of her. As a broke graduate student, Maddie wasn’t sure if she could afford to keep a dog on her own. But Rose’s loving nature and desire for affection won her over quickly. The pit bull sat with his paw on his mother’s leg, looking at her with love and devotion.


Rose’s appetite for food and love grew as she settled into her new home. She even barked at Maddie to remind her to feed her if she got distracted while cooking. Rose’s love for her new family extended to her owner’s parents, who quickly grew to love the sweet Pitbull as well.

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Despite the negative stigma surrounding the Rose breed, the puppy proved that the pit bull stereotype is completely false. Maddie believes that those who hold such negative views are missing out on the love and devotion that dogs like Rose can offer.

Rose is now thriving in her new home, surrounded by love and affection. Maddie can’t imagine life without her, and Rose has definitely found where she’s meant to be.

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