The veteran tried to sell his car to get his dogs back, but the woman made him cry

Vietnam veteran James Pak suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized in critical condition. First State animal Center and the SPCA cared for his two dogs, Bailey and Blaze, while he received treatment. The shelter, which is located in a PetSmart store in Newark, Delaware, intended to keep the dogs until James makes a full recovery.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Lindsay Donovan via YouTube video

James was in the hospital for a long time, and when he got out, he went to the shelter to get his dogs back. However, the shelter has already given the dogs up for adoption in accordance with its policy. Even though Bailey and Blaze were still available for adoption, James didn’t have enough money to pay the $250 adoption fee to get them back.

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Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Lindsay Donovan via YouTube video

James could not afford the adoption fees due to the loss of his savings during his hospitalization. To raise money, he decided to sell his car. After learning of James’s situation, employees rallied to help him, contributing $5-$10 each until there was enough money to cover the fee.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Lindsay Donovan via YouTube video

The video below shows James going into the shelter section of the store when he’s feeling sick. He has no idea what surprise awaits him. As soon as the worker shares the truth about Bailey and Blaze, James becomes emotional, his voice trembling with gratitude. Make sure you have tissues handy while watching this emotional clip. In the end, it’s a touching encounter that will restore your faith in humanity.

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Click the video below witness James’ tears at the pet store when he finally sees his beloved dogs again.

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