This “good boy” who keeps coming back looks longingly at his third home

When Abe, the cute puppy, was returned dodo the second time, it broke everyone’s hearts. A coworker, Jordan, fostered this puppy that couldn’t find its forever home.

The office dogs were delighted to have him back, but something in Abe’s eyes caught the attention of another colleague.


Curious about the puppy’s origins, the man inquired about Abe’s story. Jordan said Abe and his sister Addie were rescued from Puerto Rico. While Addie has already found a loving home, Abe’s journey has been more challenging. A few weeks later, Abe was adopted, and the office threw him a farewell party. However, fate seemed to have other plans as Abe was brought back once again.

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Determined to find out why Abe came back twice, the man brought him home and worked on any problems the puppy might have. Abe was renamed Bean after Kobe Bryant’s middle name. Bean has adapted quickly to his new home in Brooklyn, and his human companion has promised to provide a safe and loving environment until a permanent home is found.


As they spent more time together, Bean’s new adoptive dad realized why the puppy was likely returned. Bean was a handful! His mischievous nature led to some destruction, but it did not prevent them from becoming close. But just as Bean was getting comfortable in their Brooklyn home, COVID-19 broke out and they had to leave the city for the safety of the family home in New Hampshire.

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Bean’s adventures continued with his foster dad and grandparents, where he experienced snow and swimming for the first time. Both Bean and his human partner shared a love of running, which helped strengthen their relationship. At the family home, Bean met two cats, Tigger and Simba. While Tigger warmed to Bean immediately, Simba was more hesitant. Eventually Tiger laid down the law and they became inseparable.

As Bean settled into his new life, he brought joy and happiness to the entire family, even helping to cheer up the man’s mother, who was recovering from breast cancer. Bean’s presence proved healing and a source of comfort for the family. They all knew that Bean had found his forever permanent home!

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