Tri-Paw the puppy is “growing strong” in a house full of animals with special needs

Ghost, a pit bull puppy, was born with the odds against him. He arrived at the shelter with a severe, life-threatening infection in his leg. Left with no other choice, the shelter staff decided to amputate his leg to stop the infection from spreading. What happened next was nothing short of inspiring.


When Spirit first came to the shelter, he was in a terrible state. His leg was causing a full-body infection that required blood and plasma transfusions. Unable to hold his head up, the tiny pup was put on the euthanasia list. However, the shelter staff refused to give him up and they amputated his leg to save his life.


To everyone’s surprise, the Ghost quickly recovered. In “true pit bull fashion,” he was up and running within 24 hours of surgery. Even though he was still healing, Ghost didn’t let his missing leg hold him back. He was determined to live life to the fullest, join the rest of the pack at Pebbles Plantation and enjoy the company of other dogs.

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At the plantation, Ghost quickly befriended other animals with special needs, including goats and horses. His adoptive mother saw his potential to be a great advocate not only for his breed, but also for people with disabilities. She knew it would be hard to let him go to his forever home, but she also realized the impact he could have on others.


When the military veteran first saw the Ghost, he was immediately reminded of friends in the service who had lost limbs. He knew he had to give Ghost a home and a life that a puppy could only dream of. The connection between them arose instantly, and they became inseparable.

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Ghost’s new family included a kitten, and while it can be nerve-wracking to meet a puppy and a kitten, they became fast friends and now play together every day. The Ghost’s story spread throughout the community, and he even became a popular visitor at the local dance studio, where he was adored by the dancers.


Ghost plans to become a service dog and visit places like the VA to inspire older veterans. He will be living proof that life can go on after loss and that anything is possible with determination and a positive attitude. Ghost’s journey has only just begun, but his influence on others is already immeasurable.

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The Ghost Story is a dedication to the resilience of both animals and humans. From being on the brink of death to becoming an inspiration to others, Ghost has shown that even the most difficult circumstances can be overcome. His story reminds us that there is no such thing as a “broken dog.” Please consider fostering or adopting a pet with special needs. They will love you forever!

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