Woman loses house with pool after divorce, rents houses so dog can swim

Adria’s adorable dog, Oatmeal, has a peculiar habit: he refuses to jump into the water to retrieve his ball. Instead, he uses his “oat boat” to maneuver around the pool until he can catch the ball without getting wet.

Such unusual behavior is quite ironic, considering that Oatmeal’s favorite pastime is swimming. Once it is in the water, it will not be able to be pulled out.


In fact, as soon as Oatmeal’s raft swims toward the ball, he jumps into the pool to retrieve it anyway. Stupid dog! Otmil’s antics always amuse Adria, who finds his T-Rex impersonation and tenacious demeanor. Her love for oatmeal is so strong that she spends most of her earnings to provide a pool for him to enjoy.

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Oatmeal’s love for swimming began more than a year ago, when Adria was living with her ex-partner, who had a backyard pool. After their breakup, Adria lost her partner, and Otmil lost access to his favorite pool. The transition was a difficult time for both of them, and Adria was saddened to see her best friend lose her spark.


One day, Adria had an idea: she decided to rent a dog-friendly holiday home with a swimming pool as a temporary escape. Oatmeal made his life so much that Adria decided to make it every week. During this time, she posted videos of their pool adventures online, and to her surprise, they immediately went viral.

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Thanks to the video’s popularity, Adria and Oatmeal were able to continue traveling and renting pool houses throughout the year. This unexpected turn of events turned what started as an escape plan into a dream. Now Adria and Oatmeal are moving into their own apartment with 24-hour access to a nearby pool, all thanks to a cute dog. Without oatmeal, Adria would never have dreamed of such a scale!

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